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Kiwi project - Purerua Peninsula

Pest Management Report for Purerua Peninsula

2011 Period

The data for 2011 presented here is for Purerua Peninsula, the land to the east of Te Tii farm and village and Tapuaetahi. It excludes some of the area surrounding Hansen Road, and consists of over 3,600 hectares. It includes three Community Pest Control Areas (CPCAs) supported by the Northland Regional Council; Purerua 1, Wharengaere and Wiroa/Stowell. Separate and more comprehensive reports are prepared for each of these CPCAs.

38 cats were trapped during 2011, along with 13 stoats and 54 weasels. The number of cats trapped versus the number of stoats trapped demonstrates what has been found over the nearly ten years of pest management work on Purerua Peninsula - that, unusually, cats outnumber stoats in this locality (Figure 1). Huge numbers of rats and hedgehogs are trapped annually. The “Other” category is dominated by rabbits and mynas.

Figure 1: Purerua Peninsula Pest Trapped during 2011

Figure 1

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