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Kiwi project - Pest monitoring protocol

Purpose 1: To determine the animal pests which are present.

Purpose 2: To present data about our pest management activities.

Purpose 3: To support the proposed translocation of NI robin to Russell in March 2007.

Method: Combination of tracking tunnels, traps and wax tag monitoring.

Pest monitoring lines: 500 metres long, unbiased compass line, N/S where possible.

Table 1: Structure and targeting of pest monitoring lines
Species Monitoring tool Duration Attractant Tunnel/trap/tab Spacing
RatInk card in tracking tunnel24 hoursPeanut butter1050m
Stoat/weaselInk card in tracking tunnel3 daysFresh rabbit5100m
CatSA cat trap7 daysFresh meat/fish3150m
Possum/rat/miceWax tab7 daysGlow bug2010m
Note that other species present can include ant, weta, dog, gecko, and others.

Timing - Activation of pest monitoring lines

Pest monitoring occupies an eight day cycle, typically beginning and ending on a Monday as shown in Table 2 below.

Timing - Frequency of activation of pest monitoring lines

Table 2: Eight day cycle for pest monitoring
Day Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
MondayActivate the line10 ink cards for rats20 numbered wax tags for possumsSet 3 SA traps for cats
Tuesday Collect 10 rat cards, install 5 stoat cardsCheck/re-set SAs
Wednesday Check/re-set SAs
Thursday Check/re-set SAs
Friday Collect stoat cards Check/re-set SAs
Saturday Check/re-set SAs
Sunday Check/re-set SAs
MondayDe-activate the lineLeave tunnels in positionCollect 20 wax tabsCheck, then remove or de-activate SAs

Analysis of the pest monitoring

Please inspect the monitoring cards that we use (purchased from Connovation Ltd).

Other indicators of pest levels negatives:

Indicators of good pest control:

A short guide

It's quite easy to learn to identify animal prints. Read our notes then study your prints.

Rats have 4 toes on the front feet and five on the back. They have lumps on the underside of their feet that leave clear marks.

Rat tracks

Mice show as very small dots. Their prints are very similar in layout to those of rats.

Mouse tracks

Lizards tracks are quite distinctive. Attrcat them through the Trakka using 50:50 banana and honey.

Lizard tracks

Mustelids if you draw a line between toes 1 and 4 the foot pad will be outside this line.

Mustelid tracks

Hedgehogs both feet are similiar to the human hand with 5 digits only with a centre pad on both feet. The central pad is closer to the toes than that of a rat.

Hedgehog tracks