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Kiwi project - Kapiro Station CPCA

Pest Management Report for Landcorp Kapiro Station CPCA

July to December 2011 with reference to the period Jan 2008 to December 2012

It is now four calendar years since the integrated pest management programme began on Kapiro Station. The trap catch numbers for cats, stoats and weasels are shown below in Figure 1 by calendar year and Figure 2 by month.

19 cats were trapped in each of 2009, 2010 and 2011. The number of stoats trapped increased to 11 in 2011 while at least 20 weasels were trapped each year.

Figure 1: Kapiro Station Cats, Stoats & Weasels Trapped 2008 to 2011

Figure 1

Better guidance to the trends is available from the monthly trap-catch data for these major predators in Figure 2. The number of cats trapped per month is increased from just under 1 to just under 2; stoats trapped doubled from c.0.4 per month to c.0.8; and weasels trapped declined slightly from 2 per month to c.1.8 per month. These data are from a similar number of traps set throughout Kapiro Station. Other cats, stoats and weasels were undoubtedly killed through secondary poison effect during this period but we have no way of knowing how many.

Statistical reliability can be attributed to the data for weasels only as there are more than 25 data points for this animal, whereas there is not for cats and stoats. However, the trendlines indicate what is happening – we are trapping more stoats and cats per month on average than when we began this CPCA.

Figure 2: Kapiro Station Cats, Stoats & Weasels Trapped Monthly 2008 to 2011

Figure 2

Figure 3 graphs the trap-catches of hedgehogs, rats and “others”. 946 hedgehogs were trapped in this four year period, 608 rats and 46 “Others”

Figure 3: Kapiro Station hedgehogs, Rats & Others Trapped 2008 to 2011

Figure 3

The trapping regime will continue as usual with three to four weekly rounds. Ratabate in blue Biobags is to be distributed in non-pasture areas during March and April.

Terry, Gay and I will discuss further the method by which we will increase the hedgehog catch-rate in order to help lower their overall numbers on Kapiro Station.

Many thanks to Station staff who pass on valuable information to Terry Johnson.

Yours sincerely

Greg Blunden

Convenor, NZ Kiwi Foundation