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World Premier - DVD about Kiwi - 8 December 2007

Wendy Sporle - How to Save Kiwi - Instructional DVD

Wendy Sporle (BNZ - Save the Kiwi) explains the DVD at The Centre, Kerikeri

Kiwi, our endangered national bird, now have a DVD to help them. The world premiere of “How to Save Kiwi” took place at The Centre, Kerikeri on Saturday night.  

One hundred and thirty “kiwi” people attended the first viewing of this 75-minute DVD.  

Produced by Bank of New Zealand Save the Kiwi Trust in association with NZ Kiwi Foundation and the Department of Conservation, it outlines the struggle facing kiwi at a time when development threatens its habitat and pests kill 95% of its young.

But there is hope.  The DVD provides a guide to help landowners and community groups to look after their kiwi.

“This DVD is professionally made. It’s specifically to assist landowners and community groups working with kiwi, but it will be of general interest as well,” said Dr Greg Blunden of the NZ Kiwi Foundation. “Our national bird is fighting for its survival in the wild and it’s losing. Your help can change that.”  

Michelle Impey of the Bank of New Zealand Save the Kiwi Trust said: “This DVD marks a new chapter in kiwi work – the DVD is a tool for everyone interested in helping kiwi remain and thrive on the mainland of New Zealand. And, it’s exciting be here in Kerikeri, in the middle of kiwi country, to launch this DVD.”  

The DVD has eight parts:

  1. All about kiwi – the first updated information for over 10 years
  2. Predator control and monitoring – discovering what’s killing our kiwi and how to deal with these animal pests
  3. Cats and dogs – what you didn’t know about your cat and dog, and how to manage your pets in kiwi country
  4. BNZ Operation Nest Egg – an essential tool and a successful partnership to save kiwi
  5. Call count monitoring – how we count kiwi
  6. Habitat protection – what you can do with your land
  7. Kiwi and forestry – conservation and production working together
  8. Starting a kiwi protection project in your community – How to initiate a project and a case study of the NZ Kiwi Foundation

The audience were enthusiastic. Pauline Stephinson, a teacher at Oromahoe School near Kerikeri, said she was impressed that the DVD was so accessible: “It’s easy to understand because the pictures are showing and illustrating what the experts are saying.”

Ten-year-old Anna Denny agreed: “I’m learning more about kiwi. The words are clear and they show you how it’s done and how you can help.”

People interested in obtaining this DVD should contact Bank of New Zealand Save the Kiwi Trust via the website or telephone/email:

Michelle Impey - How to Save Kiwi - Instructional DVD

Michelle Impey (BNZ - Save the Kiwi) and Dave Abbott (Liquid Action Films) with NZ Kiwi Foundation

Keep our kiwi areas pest free and pet free. Pest free + pet free = kiwi are free

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