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Pateke, Brown Teal, release at Purerua Peninsula, 8 Oct. 2011

Pateke - Brown Teal - photo by Greg Blunden

Pateke - Brown Teal - photo by Dr Greg Blunden

26 pateke were released at Mountain Landing on Purerua Peninsula on Thursday 8th September. The pateke came from NgatiWai and were received by Ngati Torehina. The pateke were monitored daily for the first 17 days and and now being “found” twice per week through radio-tracking their transmitters and physically sighting the teal. The monitoring continues throughout the first year of the release.

Two pateke were killed by a cat within the first week, that cat was found and shot, then another pateke was killed most likely by a cat aslo during the second week. 23 left out of 26 is a great result but we cannot ease up the pressure on the predators - many live- capture and kill traps are re-set and checked daily and all staff are keeping an eye out for these pateke.

Pateke are one of our rarest species of avifauna, with less than 1,500 surviving today. Dr. Greg Blunden of the Kiwi Foundation says that the intention of this project is to re- establish a permanent population of pateke on Purerua by releasing 26 in 2011, 40 in 2012 and 40 again in 2013.

This release of pateke is only possible because of the integrated pest management undertaken on Purerua Peninsula by landowners and NZ Kiwi Foundation since 2002 and with the assistance since 2007 of the Northland Regional Council through the introduction of Community Pest Control Areas (CPCAs).

The partners in this project are Banrock Station Wines, Brown Teal Recovery Group, Ducks Unlimited, Ngati Torehina, Ngati Wai, Mountain Landing Company, Northland Regional Council, NZ Kiwi Foundation, and the captive breeders of brown teal.

These 26 pateke are to be monitored to check their survival and dispersal this year. Everyone on the Purerua Peninsula should keep an eye out for them as they will likely disperse from the release site over the next 12 months. All pateke that are sighted should be reported to Greg Blunden on 09 405 1244, 021 710 441 or (preferably) by email to

Keep our kiwi areas pest free and pet free. Pest free + pet free = kiwi are free

This news release was issued by the New Zealand Kiwi Foundation, the largest kiwi protection group in the Far North. Our aim is to help local people protect their kiwi through educational programmes and by setting up and supporting projects on their land.

Keep our kiwi areas pest free and pet free. Pest free + pet free = kiwi are free

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