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NZ Kiwi Foundation Land at Russell - 1 October 2011

NZ Kiwi Foundation owns a block of land of over seven hectares located between Russell Heights and Florance Avenue. The land is visible as you walk off the Russell Wharf – just look for the transmission tower at the top of the hill slightly to the right of the line of the wharf.

Kiwi and weka are found here and on Russell Peninsula in good numbers, something which is unique in New Zealand and therefore in global terms as well. Dr Greg Blunden of the NZ Kiwi Foundation considers that this block is a wonderful piece of land for a managed wildlife area immediately adjacent to Russell township. Greg says that “in many ways, it is a demonstration of what can be achieved in conservation terms within an urban setting in one of New Zealand's premier tourism places – the Bay of Islands.”

No pets are allowed on this property because these animals are not compatible with the survival and flourishing of our native species.

The bulk of the property is protected by a perpetual covenant with the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust. A walkway is to be built through this block to link Russell Heights with Florance Avenue. It will take about three years to clear the weed species (primarily wattle) and construct a safe walking track before opening to the public.

Suggestions for a name that reflects the values of this land can be communicated with Greg.

Keep our kiwi areas pest free and pet free. Pest free + pet free = kiwi are free

This news release was issued by the New Zealand Kiwi Foundation, the largest kiwi protection group in the Far North. Our aim is to help local people protect their kiwi through educational programmes and by setting up and supporting projects on their land.

Keep our kiwi areas pest free and pet free. Pest free + pet free = kiwi are free

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