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Kiwi project - Bay of Islands

Pest Management Report for the Bay of Islands

Period 2008 to 2011

NZ Kiwi Foundation is now 12 years old. From its starting point on Kerikeri Peninsula in 2000, Kiwi Foundation now manages directly over 12,000 hectares in the broader Bay of Islands from Matauri Bay Road in the north to Taupiri Bay in the east. Trapping mustelids (weasels, stoats and ferrets) and cats is our main concern, although we undertake integrated predator management in most places which includes rat and possum control through toxins. It is not possible to quantify the number of rats and possums killed using toxins but both rat species and posssums will number many thousands.

Eighty percent of our c.1,500 traps are now DOC200s (mostly doubles), with Fenn traps cat- kill traps and live capture traps making up the other 20 percent. NZ Kiwi Foundation has a comparable database for trap catches for the calendar years of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The data presented below show the total number of pest animals trapped during this period. The area of the Bay of Islands Kiwi Project and the number of traps set-up and serviced has expanded in each of the years from 2008 to 2011.

The total number of cats, stoats, weasels, and rats trapped declined over this period, while the number of hedgehogs trapped increased. The data series are not long enough to draw any statistically relevant conclusions but nonetheless show a likely trend. Figures 2 and 3 separate the cats and mustelids from the rodents, hedgehogs and “Others” trapped to provide more clarity.

However, when the data is graphed on a monthly basis a declining trap-catch trend is clear and statistically significant. This was expected because as the trapped area becomes larger, then the ability of pest animals to infitrate becomes more difficult. This indicates that the project is succeeding. Note that ferrets are not an issue in the Bay of Islands.

Figure 1: Total trap catch 2008 to 2011, Bay of Islands

Figure 1

Figure 2: Cats, Stoats and Weasels trapped 2008 to 2011, Bay of Islands

Figure 2

Figure 3: Hedgehogs, Rats & Others trapped 2008 to 2011, Bay of Islands

Figure 3

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Convenor, NZ Kiwi Foundation

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