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Provide a useful self-help on measures to better maintain and regenerate habitat and control pests on your property

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Landcare Trust

Help us protect kiwi and their habitat in Northland

Northland Brown Kiwi

Control pests

Pests are the main culprits in the demise of the kiwi, and the main prevention to their recovery. Sadly while rats, stoats, possums and even pigs take their toll, it is cats and dogs that are the kiwi's worst enemies. Control these animals and encourage others to do the same.

Finally if you live in a kiwi area, please consider not replacing this type of pet on their passing. Don't forget the other pests of course, trap and poison these for your own and the kiwi's benefit. Please contact us if you need any specific advice on the best methods of pest eradication.


There is less than 2 percent of the kiwi's original habitat left in Northland. Any measures that help ease the pressure that subdivision and development have on the remaining natural biodiversity in our region or that contribute to its regeneration are ones we heartily endorse. By sensitive management of the land, apportioning areas to remain or be allowed to regenerate to bush, even by covenant, all help increase the available territory for kiwi, who in themselves know no boundary.


There is active research throughout New Zealand collating valuable data on the population density of kiwi. By monitoring their call frequency during the early hours of dusk and recording other signs of their presence you can help this national effort. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer. You will need to recognise the difference between male and female kiwi calls. Here they are:
male kiwi call | female kiwi call


As a charitable trust our works are enabled by a loyal group of volunteers, and we rely on your support for our funding, please get in touch if you feel able to make a financial contribution towards our efforts to protect our national icon the kiwi and its habitat.
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