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NZ Kiwi Foundation and Save the Kiwi - Instructional Video

A useful series of videos produced by NZ Kiwi Foundation & Save the Kiwi (Kiwi for Kiwis)
  1. All about kiwi – the first updated information for over 10 years
  2. continued . . .
  3. Predator control and monitoring – what’s killing our kiwi and how to deal with these pests
  4. continued . . .
  5. Cats and dogs – how to manage your pets in kiwi country
  6. BNZ Operation Nest Egg – an essential tool and a successful partnership to save kiwi
  7. Call count monitoring – how we count kiwi
  8. Habitat protection – what you can do with your land
  9. Kiwi and forestry – conservation and production working together
  10. Starting a kiwi protection project in your community
  11. How to initiate a community project and a case study of the NZ Kiwi Foundation